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Chouftouhonna Festival

FRIn a context of deep changes in Tunisia and elsewhere, the debate on personal freedoms is not anymore told in half-words. Indeed, it’s time to reclaim, through all the possible openings, the liberties to which we aspire and deserve.

Chouftouhonna chose the artistic way, by proposing a big diversity of works, looks and contexts reminding the political extent of the feminine and feminist productions, while putting the light on their ideas, talents and capacities.

Founded on 2015, the notoriety and recognition of this multidisciplinary and multicultural event is growing and getting even more recognition.

During 4 days, more than 150 artists, panelists and activist, coming from all over the world, will show their works, perform and exchange with the public of Chouftouhonna, in the center of Tunis

journée 1 09


Art graphique et numérique

Orelsan Vitrine en direct

journée 2 10



Art numérique

journée 3 17



Projection de film