In a context of deep changes in Tunisia and elsewhere, the debate on personal freedoms is not anymore told in half-words. Indeed, it’s time to reclaim, through all the possible openings, the liberties to which we aspire and deserve.

Chouftouhonna chose the artistic way, by proposing a big diversity of works, looks and contexts reminding the political extent of the feminine and feminist productions, while putting the light on their ideas, talents and capacities.

Founded on 2015, the notoriety and recognition of this multidisciplinary and multicultural event is growing and getting even more recognition.

During 4 days, more than 150 artists, panelists and activist, coming from all over the world, will show their works, perform and exchange with the public of Chouftouhonna, in the center of Tunis.

This edition also plans to open up more to the street and the neighborhood, with the will of breaking the visible and the invisible borders, and to make of this meeting around feminist issues a participative and inclusive space.

CHOUFTOUHONNA originates from a small group of women who have questioned the conditions of access to art and culture for women, as different as it is from one to another, in the current context of the country. CHOUFTOUHONNA believes in intersectional feminism and wants to be inclusive.

This important manifestation seeks to create a space of expression for women wishing to convey themselves through art; to give women artists and activists visibility and expand their networks of interconnection within a sphere that fascinates them; and to introduce Tunisian and international audiences to alternative forms of arts and activism and to reflect on the many forms of feminist engagement.

Each new edition proves a little more the need for an artistic space dedicated to women thanks to the the success met in Tunisia but also with artists from around the world.


Give women visibility and enlarge their network of interconnection within a sphere that passionate them, while creating a space of expression for those who desire to express themselves through art.

Bring together the artistic background, the tunisian culture and the international artists.

Collaborate with other festival, or artistic collectives around the world, with the goal of giving the participants more visibility, to perform and develop their abilities.

Open on to the streets and feminize the public space by inviting passers-by and locals to become active and interested in art and feminism.


Created in 2013, Chouf is an intersexual feminist organization that mobilizes for the bodily and sexual rights of women born and / or identified as such, from sexual, ethnic, economic and cultural minorities and provides them with psychological, judicial and physical.

Through trainings, meetings and cultural events, the organization tries to inform and push for the development of women's abilities and strives to give them a positive visibility. Chouf is committed to fighting gender-based violence and to identify sexist stereotypes.

The scope of this organization's work is quite unique, same as the techniques used to achieve its goals. Chouf believes in the role of art in conveying powerful messages and most of his activities are expressed in artistic forms. Chouf is the association which initiated and organizes the festival.

More than
Conferences and Workshops
136 participants
Art category
The festival’s basic events will surely be there : a collective exhibition (Graphic and Digital Art exhibitions, Plastic Art), screening, dance, performances, shows, theatrical plays, reading, music concerts and two parties around electronic music.
CHOUFTOUHONNA have conferences, a space for reflection grouping panels of different themes (Feminisms and states, Feminisms of the South, The art of Tunisian politics, decolonial Feminisms); as well as a conference dedicated to the artists participating in the Festival “Fishbowl “.
CHOUFTOUHONNA have workshops, in different categories (Music, Writing, and Initiation to feminisms: parents / children, recycling / ecology). In this new edition, we are introducing more inclusive workshops, in order to interact with the neighborhood residents and to feminize the public space, by reprogramming the percussion workshop, in the square in front of the National Theater, and setting up a workshop dedicated to children.
SOUKOUHONNA is a sales area dedicated to artisans to encourage their productions.
During the festival, a space is reserved for tattoo sessions on the spot.
Networking Day

During this fourth edition, we set up a Networking and Collaboration space for artists, a meeting between artists and cultural managers. This event will be a way for the participating artists during the festival to promote their practice to interested structures, and will allow these structures to discover new artists, interact on issues of activist art, especially feminist.

Artistic residency

CHOUFTOUHONNA will propose also some news : two artistic residencies in Production of electronic music (DJ Flore, first French woman to receive Ableton certification) and in VJing (Wafa Ben Romdhane), who will hold in August 2018.

Online Networking Platform

CHOUFTOUHONNA set up a site that will bring together all the artists who took part in the 4 editions (more than 500) and will be open to cultural leaders to be able to think of the festival as being not only an annual event, but also a sustainable structure guaranteeing for these artists a visibility and making contact with organizations that may be interested in their practices for future projects.


For its 4th edition, the international Feminist Art Festival of Tunis wishes to pay tribute to the one that suffers the most damage, that we neglect and without whom we will not exist : Our Planet. Aware of ecological problems and seeking concrete and sustainable solutions, CHOUFTOUHONNA joins forces with Zero Waste and invites you to live a zero waste festival.

This partnership is supported by Heinrich Boell Stiftung North Africa.