Aïcha Snoussi


Born in Tunis. Lives and works in Paris. Aïcha Snoussi handles the paper as a skin in several ways : caress, fill in, puncture, hang, lacerate, etc. From schoolbooks to frescos on galleries or museums’ walls, the experience of drawing is done on the spot, in a constant dialogue with the exhibition space. The ink overflows and alters the invested space in which viscera, vulva and machines mingle into a never- ending spiral. These processes engage the body of the designer and it is this relationship to the body that is examined in the light of a surgical, obsessive and methodical practice. The drawn body and that of the designer embrace each other in dialectical tensions: order and chaos, excess and detail, fragment and totality, organic and mechanical, pain and pleasure. Through the use of fiction and the encyclopedia’s functions, the drawing is conceived as a visceral, in vitro, anthropological operation that attempts to break up things and long-standing knowledge.

  • Plastic Art