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    Chouftouhonna Festival

  • As many of you already know, CHOUF is holding its 4th Edition of CHOUFTOUHONNA – The International Feminist Art Festival of Tunis from September 6 – 9.

    CHOUFTOUHONNA is not only a cultural and artistic space for women but also a unique experience for activists to meet and network in order to broaden the feminist intersectional movement. We are only 2 months away from the festival and the team has not managed to raise enough funds to bring as many artists as hoped for this year (140 artists and panelists confirmed so far). We are reaching out to the international activist/ally/friend communities worldwide to not only support this unique space in North Africa but also to help us fight the multiple discriminations that women are suffering from (social, economic..) and allow us to bring as many artists, panelist as possible for this year’s edition. We created this gofundme campaign for this purpose. We welcome all kinds of donations: Please feel free to share around you.

    Thank you for supporting CHOUFTOUHONNA.

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